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New Fashion Wallet With UVC technology

Don't just use disinfectants for sterilization!

Fear of touching money

科技殺菌器 + 時尚長皮夾


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Effective Sterilization by Heating

56 °C ~75 °C thermal penetration sterilization

Handling payment is the biggest and most difficult to avoid epidemic prevention loophole in daily life.

When shopping for payment, it is unavoidable that banknotes or credit cards must be touched with hands. Not only will hands be exposed to the virus during the payment process, but money and credit cards will also contaminate the wallet!

It is the only technology sterilization product on the market that can be carried with you, and it can be used to disinfect emergency needs.

Banknotes or credit cards and change can be directly put into the sterilization area of the equipment by the clerk, so that users will not have the opportunity to touch the banknotes, and at the same time, the banknotes or credit cards are immediately isolated and sterilized in the sterilization equipment.

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360 Degree UVC Sterilization

Fully Irradiated by UVC Light
99.99% Sterilization Rate

It is inconvenient to sterilize a mobile phone with a liquid sanitizer because it has to be sterilized before or after each use. Therefore, people often forget to do it because it is troublesome.

Moreover, it has been reported that the sanitizer can easily damage the microphone for a long time.
(Apple official page : https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204172

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After using the mobile phone, put it directly into the sterilization area, and complete the sterilization with one button setting !

Always use a clean phone to avoid virus infection!

The Best Features

Sterilization With Dual-mode

For banknotes, mobile phones and masks, which are daily carry-on items, these items have the most bacteria on the surface and are also the most difficult to solve epidemic prevention loopholes around.

We use the strongest sterilization method to design it into the product, and it is currently the only dual-mode powerful sterilization equipment on the market.

At the same time, it is easy to operate and conforms to daily application habits. It is also the only portable device on the market that solves the epidemic prevention loophole.

Store and Sanitize Immediately

The most important key to epidemic prevention is to keep the virus out of the outdoors and objects around you.

This is not only to protect your company colleagues and customers, but also to protect your family from bringing the virus home.

Banknotes, mobile phones and masks are the items we are most afraid of, because their surfaces are contaminated with many viruses and bacteria at any time. Therefore, it is the best way for users to store them immediately and disinfect them immediately.

With our design and use method, users do not need to touch banknotes or credit cards, but directly store and sterilize them immediately.

Advantages of The Product
Environmental Protection

The use of household chemical products such as inferior detergents or excessive use of detergents is extremely harmful to the human body, and its pollution to the environment is far-reaching and extensive.

UVC LED ultraviolet rays use light to destroy the DNA of microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, and focus on short-range targets for sterilization, without any pollution to the environment, and very energy-saving.

Thermal sterilization relies on temperature to reduce virus activity and cause apoptosis, which is the most natural energy and the most environmentally friendly.

Cost Savings

UVC LEDs are made of extremely power-saving semiconductors with a lifespan of more than 10,000 hours.
The thermal sterilizer is also made of high-efficiency and power-saving graphene heating elements, both of which use 5V voltage, and the total power cost is much lower than that of chemical cleaners on the market.
And the environmental cost of this product is negligible, but the environmental cost of cleaning agents is far-reaching and extensive.

Safe and Secure

A two-stage safety protection switch, using a safe low-voltage power supply, can meet the power required for sterilization.

The product uses the same stable and reliable 5V voltage 2A power supply as the mobile phone, which is convenient and familiar to the user.

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