UVCROSS 科技防疫-强力防護



Program 1

When the user trades at the supermarket shopping counter, the cashier can directly hand over the banknotes or credit cards into the user's wallet for sterilization in a "contactless" way.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, our fear of the surrounding things has also increased.

A few days ago, Australian researchers said that on smooth surfaces such as banknotes, mobile phone screens, and stainless steel, the infectiousness of the new coronavirus may remain for many days, which is far more tenacious than previously imagined.

Shopping is a necessary activity in people’s daily life, and banknotes or credit cards are now commonly used payment methods. This is also the breakthrough point for the most vulnerable people to the virus.

Therefore, changing the way others deliver the banknotes to you, you do not need to touch the banknotes and immediately perform ultraviolet sterilization. Which not only immediately blocks the virus and eliminates it, but also greatly reduces the infection risk of family members, colleagues, and surrounding people.

Important usage:

Items such as banknotes, credit cards, mobile phones, etc., need to be sterilized immediately.

Program 2

When you get home or at the office, you need to block the virus from entering the room immediately.

Step 1: Items that can only be sterilized with UVC light are prioritized (such as cell phones).
When the user enters the room, the procedure to safely block the virus is as follows, first take out the mobile phone that has been sterilized by ultraviolet light in the wallet.

In the same way, take out the sterilized banknotes from the sterilization area and put them back into the wallet cleaning area, and empty the sterilization area.

Step 2: Disinfection with UVC Light + Heat Sterilization
Take off your mask and put it into the sterilization area in the wallet, connect the USB power bank or mobile phone power supply to perform dual-mode disinfection of ultraviolet and dry heat sterilization.

In this way, the mask can be sterilized and odor removed to ensure that germs do not remain. This operation process can meet the requirements of medical grade, and complete and strict personal safety protection.

Since the interior of the wallet is repeatedly heated, all other items in the clean area of the wallet can be thermally sterilized together. In this way, the inside of the wallet will naturally become very clean due to the continuous sterilization effect.

Important usage:

Banknotes, masks, etc. need to be enhanced for sterilization. Users can start the program two of the double sterilization method for sterilization.

Program 3

In order to prevent the virus from entering the oral cavity, it can be used to sterilize the table and tableware when eating out.

At present, the global epidemic trend does not seem to show any signs of slowing down. To fight the virus, it is still necessary to continuously implement personal epidemic prevention measures.

People still dine out occasionally, and even if a hygienic eating place is selected, it is uncertain whether restaurant staff have good hygiene practices.

Not only the frequent conversations between the guests at the adjacent table in the eating place, but also the splashing caused by the guests coughing or sneezing is still unavoidable.

However, the new coronavirus can survive on surfaces such as plastic and stainless steel for up to 6 days.

In this situation, the sterilization wallet can be used to sterilize the tableware and table top when you sit down in the restaurant and wait for the meal.

The user can put a napkin on the table first, then put the tableware on it and open the sterilization wallet to irradiate it for disinfection. Especially when there are children or babies at the same table, the tabletop needs to be sterilized more.

Important usage:

The sterilization wallet can be unzipped and unfolded at any time, which is convenient for the sterilization of external items.

When traveling and eating on the plane, please do a good job of sterilizing the surface of the table immediately after opening the small table to avoid infection with viruses.
[外出旅遊往往會在飛機上用餐, 當打開小桌板時, 請立即做桌子表面殺菌動作, 以避免感染病毒.]

Compact Design
(Wallet Style)

The wallet is divided into a Sterilization Area and a Clean Area for use, which will not cause cross-contamination and will always keep the wallet clean and hygienic.
[包內分爲殺菌區(Sterilization Area)與清潔區(Clean Area)來使用,不會造成交叉污染,永遠保持皮夾包內衛生無慮]

The "Clean Area" in the wallet is divided into 4 layers to store different items, so that there will be no cross-contamination when taking out and putting items, and the wallet can always be kept clean and hygienic.
[清潔區(Clean Area),分爲4 層清潔區來存放不同的物品,取放不會造成交叉污染,永遠保持皮夾包內衛生無慮]

The design of two-sided external radiation heating sterilization can simultaneously sterilize the Sterilization Area and the Clean Area, and sterilize all the items in the entire package.
[兩面向外加熱殺菌的設計,可同時對殺菌區(Sterilization Area)與清潔區(Clean Area),整個包内所有物品做殺菌]

The charging method can choose to use a mobile phone power supply (USB Wall Charger) or a mobile power supply (Power Bank).
[充電方式可選擇用手機電源器(USB Wall Charger)或行動電源(Power Bank).]

The built-in USB connector plug is used as a wireless charging port, and an external 5V/2A power supply is required to supply power (only for models with wireless charging).
[内置USB連接器用作無線充電孔, 需外連5V/2A電源器供電(僅限帶無線充電版本機型)]

Wireless Charger: Connect the charging port to a USB 5V/2A power supply, and place the mobile phone (which must support wireless charging) on the center of the wallet surface.
[無線充電板(Wireless Charger):充電孔連接USB 5V/2A電源,將手機(須支援無線充電功能)放置於皮夾表面正中心處。]

Operating Instructions


User Operation Menu

A. Press and hold the control button for two seconds, the system will automatically turn on or turn off.

B. The three  LED function indicator lights are all on to indicate standby. When the USB power supply is charging, the charging indicator status is red.

C. To start the UVC LED for internal sterilization mode, you must first close the wallet, and press the button to enter program 1 to perform sterilization for 1 minute or enter program 2 to perform sterilization for 3 minutes.

When using UVC LED for external sterilization, you must first open the wallet, and press the key to enter program three to perform external sterilization for 3 minutes.

D. To start the heating sterilization mode, you must first plug in the USB power supply, press the button to enter program 2, the heating sterilization mode will automatically enter after 3 minutes of UVC LED sterilization and last for 30 minutes.

E. In the execution of any sterilization mode program, close or open the wallet, the system will enter the suspended execution mode for 1 minute, and the sterilization can be resumed immediately within 1 minute. However, if the suspended execution mode exceeds 1 minute, the system will end the execution program and turn to standby mode (3 LEDs on).

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