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With a dedicated team of experts, BaiYi Co.specialize in UVC disinfection products and have been acknowledged for the high-quality products and services we offer to our clients. Our team is committed to providing maximum customer satisfaction; hence, we ensure that our customers are thoroughly satisfied with the quality of the products.

BaiYi Co. engages in manufacturing and medical products. In 2014, we expanded our product line with protective devices and sterilization devices for medical devices. We have many patents and have been to the 2016 AAA exhibitions in the United States, and 2019 EUHA exhibitions in Germany.

In 2020, the Asian epidemic broke out. The Taiwan government and the anti-epidemic department called on all units with medical resources and technology to participate in the development of anti-epidemic products. BaiYi also fully participated in it and showcased our UVC technology.

BaiYi took a different approach to create more robust designs that are effective for hospitals as well as other environments. These designs are designed to provide energy-efficient solutions. These devices can be used in a variety of environments such as laboratories, food processing facilities, hotels, cruise ships, sports facilities, and many other places that are known to have harmful pathogens where they can be used. These devices automate the bioburden monitoring process and ensure that our facilities meet regulatory standards.

BaiYi is committed to producing the safest, most effective UVC decontamination devices on the market. Our equipment is ETL, CE, CSA, and FCC certified and is WEEE, RoHS, and EPA compliant.


Our equipment is ETL, CE, CSA, and FCC certified and is WEEE, RoHS, and EPA compliant.  The most important thing is that all the products are designed and made in Taiwan.

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” I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.” Joyce Meyer

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